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Artificial Intelligence Engineer at Swiss Base Company

Experience and Strong Understanding of Computer Vision and Image Processing is a Must.

hands On Experience On Medical Image Analysis is An Added Advantage.

very Strong Knowledge in Mathematics, Statistics and Probability (multivariate Calculus, Vector Spaces and Random Variables, Algebraic Probability Distribution)

hands On Experience in Building Ai Applications Using Deep Learning or Machine Learning Technqiues

hands On Experience in Python

unerstanding of Scikit-learn, Numpy, Pandas, Spacy, Gensim, Nltk

hands On Experience in Pytorch or Tensorflow

good Knowledge in Various Feature Engineering Tecnhqiues like Tf-idf, Cbow, Word Embeddings

good Understanding of fine Tuning the Network Models.

good Understanding of Supervised/unsupervised Learning.

knowledge of Reinforcement Learning is a Plus.

good Understanding of Machine Learing Algorithms like Svm, Knn, Random Forests, Regression and Clustering Methods.

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