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Machine Learning Specialist at AlienTT

Are you a bright & passionate Machine Learning Specialist looking for an opportunity to advance your career?

If you are a team player who strives for engineering and technical excellence and enjoys in bringing innovation in a fast paced environment, we have a perfect job for you!

We are looking for a Machine Learning Specialist to join our dream team!

We offer excellent development prospects, the ability to develop your skills to the highest level and be compensated with a competitive salary.

You will lead all the processes from data collection, cleaning, and preprocessing, to training models and deploying them to production.

The ideal candidate will be passionate about artificial intelligence and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field.

Machine Learning Specialist duties and responsibilities

Research, design, and implement machine learning applications.

Ensure that machine learning applications are available to product.

Keep up-to-date with new technologies that may be able to support machine learning applications.

Aid product development teams in coming up with new ideas for machine learning applications.

Understand the necessary data requirements to implement machine learning applications.

Able to prototype machine learning applications and quickly determine application viability.

Prepare and analyze historical data and identify patterns

Provide technical support for program management and business development activities including proposal writing and customer development

Own and manage knowledge sharing within a community


Academic degree examples:

Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, statistics or related quantitative discipline with a focus on Machine Learning/AI/Reinforcement learning or related areas with at least 3 years of experience

Strong quantitative background: A degree in Computer Science, Computational Linguistics, Physics, Mathematics or related field.

A B.S./M.S./Ph.D. degree in Computer Science or related engineering fields.

Other requirements

Solid engineering and coding skills, with the ability to write high-performance production quality code

Proficiency in Python as well as the numerical libraries such as Scikit-Learn, Pandas, NumPy, and SciPy.

Experience in deep learning frameworks (e.g., Tensorflow, PyTorch, Keras) and open-source NLP toolkits like NLTK or TextBlob

Experience with Elasticsearch

Strong background in natural language processing, statistical modelling, and/or machine learning

Experience working on a range of ML problems, particularly NLP, Industry or academic

2+ years experience in development and delivery of real-world products or services, building and productionising innovative end-to-end Machine Learning systems

Ability to effectively communicate complex ideas to other members of the team.


Recommendation and Personalisation

Natural Language Processing and Query Understanding

Deep Learning

Text Understanding


You have the ability to quickly prototype ideas and solve complex problems by adopting creative approaches

You are a strong collaborator and communicator and you make the engineers around you grow and learn.

You love building robust and generalisable models

You take pride in the things you build

You can demonstrate a track record of trying and learning new things

You have a point of view but are low ego

You have excellent verbal and written communication and presentation skills

Summary of skills

CS fundamentals and programming

Probability and statistics

Data modelling and evaluation

Applying ML algorithms and libraries

Software engineering and system design

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