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Software Engineer - Perception Testing at Autonomous Intelligent Driving

You will work in a team of passionate software engineers ensuring the quality and functionality of our perception stack. You will help us to answer the questions on functionality, interpretability and explainability of our AI/ML algorithms. The team is responsible for building and executing test plans and test automation tools, which quickly deliver valuable results and feedback to the development teams. Using data-driven test results from multiple validation and verification environments, the team determines the performance of our product. 

About the Role:

  • Guidance and creation of test strategies, test plans and test methodologies for perception testing.

  • Specification and implementation of test harness enabling testing the overall system and the perception and computer vision capabilities. 

  • Designing data collections for testing the machine learning algorithms of our perception stack.

  • Specification and execution of tests, analysis of test results, creation of test reports and accompanying documentation.

  • Contribution to our test specification, simulation, test automation and evaluation tooling capabilities.

  • Work together with our perception team to understand and prioritize test requirements and help to drive toward a product that meets all technical, business and customer expectations.

About you:

  • Extended knowledge of modern software testing techniques (e.g. Test Driven Design, Behavior Driven Design, etc.).

  • Experience with verification/validation of complex systems; ideally in a multi-agent environment.

  • An overview of machine learning algorithms and the ability to apply them appropriately, especially in the context of computer vision and perception.

  • Experience with Python including familiarity with Matplotlib, NumPy, pandas, scikit-learn, and TensorFlow libraries.

  • Strong analytical skills, the ability to narrow down complex problems as well as troubleshooting and debugging skills.

  • Strong supporting behavior and communication skills.

  • Experience in development projects in the automotive industry, as well as testing of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), is a plus.

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