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Data Scientist and A.I. Engineer at Nirveda Cognition

About us

We're a startup specializing in applying Natural Language Processing and A.I. to solve problems across a number of exciting industries. We're uncovering the information hidden in vast amounts of dark data and using that information to make smarter decisions and to deliver better products. As a team, we value diversity, creativity, new ideas, and a willingness to learn.

We are looking for a Data Scientist with a strong background in Natural Language Processing (NLP), machine and deep learning, statistical modeling, to build experience-driven products that will be used every day.

What we’re looking for

Here are a few things that we need you to be good at:

  • Python, including NumPy, Pandas, and other mathematics and scientific libraries

  • Tensorflow, Keras, scikit-learn, and other machine learning frameworks

  • Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, stats, techniques etc.

  • Experience with things like semantic search, topic modeling, knowledge-graphs, summarization, natural language generation, etc.

You'll be responsible for things like:

  • Data mining and machine learning using state-of-the-art methods

  • Selecting features, prototyping algorithms, and optimizing classifiers for production

  • Augmenting client data with third-party sources or information when needed

  • Processing, cleansing, and verifying the integrity of data used for analysis

  • Doing ad-hoc analysis and presenting results in a clear manner

And these will score you some bonus points if you have some knowledge and experience of them:

  • Python server-side application development

  • Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services

  • Proficiency in query languages like SQL, Hive, Pig

  • Ingesting structured and unstructured data

  • Continuous Learning

  • Data visualization in Matplotlib, Bokeh

  • Agile development experience

In addition, we’ll likely get along really well if you:

  • Constantly reflect on code reuse and modularization (humor is not the only thing you like DRY)

  • Feel mildly ashamed when QA finds a hole you didn't think of (i.e. you test your own features before considering them "done”)

  • Are a data science purist at heart, but a pragmatist in practice

  • Care little about the buzz in A.I. and rather enjoying finding new solutions to challenging problems

What you’ll be doing

We are using natural language processing, machine learning, and A.I. to solve some of the most interesting and challenging problems facing the world today. Our data science team is only a handful of people, but it is the heart of everything we do, so you’d be coming in near the ground floor with a chance to contribute ideas as much as research or production code.

Why you should join us

We enjoy working hard in a laid back, politics and drama-free atmosphere in an office where you’ll find frequent discussions about topics from digital music generation and analysis to visual processing and machine learning. Almost everybody at the company has hobbies, music, or artistic projects that they work on the side, so we all value our time away from the office. We want you to be passionate and believe in what we are doing, but we also know that life is too full to spend it all at work. That said, we don’t fear the occasional late night or hard push to get ready for a demo, but strive to hone in our planning to prevent such occurrences from happening frequently.

Still here? Good.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, apply for the job here. Please include links to whatever credentials or sample work you prefer to share (e.g. résumé, portfolio, GitHub, LinkedIn, etc).

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