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Pinterest Labs Applied Scientist (Software Engineer) at Pinterest

Millions of people across the world come to Pinterest to find new ideas every day. Its where they get inspiration, dream about new possibilities and plan for what matters most. Our mission is to help those people find their inspiration and create a life they love. As a Pinterest employee, youll be challenged to take on work that upholds this mission and pushes Pinterest forward. Youll grow as a person and leader in your field, all the while helping users make their lives better in the positive corner of the internet.

As a Software Engineer in Pinterest Labs, you'll work on tackling new challenges in machine learning and deep learning applied to a unique Pinterest dataset of 250 billion pins. You'll work on critical machine learning applications, push the state of the art, and build models and systems that are applied across Pinterest engineering teams to be used by hundreds of millions of users at tens to hundreds of thousands of QPS. You'll have the opportunity to work in the following areas: representation learning, graph embeddings, image recognition, user modeling, recommender systems, and natural language processing.

What youll do: 

  • Push the state of the art and apply the latest advances in deep learning and machine learning to improve Pinterest¬†
  • Impact hundreds of millions of users by developing the next generation of visual discovery technology
  • Build large-scale distributed ML systems to enable recommendations at scale.
  • Work in a fast-paced environment with a quick cadence of research, experimentation, and product launches

What were looking for: 

  • Passionate about recommendation systems and deep learning
  • Inquisitive engineers with 2+ years of industry experience who enjoy thinking about complex systems
  • Experience building pipelines for offline data processing, such as with MapReduce
  • Industry experience in deploying ML/DL models into production (familiarity with scalability/latency/portability concerns, experience with experimentation and hyperparameter tuning)
  • Strong passion for experimentation and extensive experience in solving hard ML problems


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