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Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Aerial Applications

We provide drone data management software as a service for drone-enabled businesses, as well as consultative services for companies looking to adopt drone technology. Using our data platform, users can securely store their data in the cloud, create annotations, render clear orthomosaics and 3D models, easily collaborate with their team, and manage integrated 3rd party hardware and software.

About the Position

You will have the opportunity to be involved in the design and implementation of novel algorithms and solutions for our problems necessitating AI use. This will initially be for our vegetative analysis AI/ML libraries and will expand to include other projects, such as building a library with a breadth of AI/ML modules. You will be designing AI systems using C++, and should be comfortable prototyping algorithms in Python, and participating in whiteboarding sessions with other developers. You should also be able to describe your designs in both technical and nontechnical settings, to other team members verbally and in writing. You will have opportunities to work with multiple PhDs throughout these processes.


  • Bachelors in CS or Mathematics with coursework and passion for AI/ML.
  • Experience with Python using:
    • TensorFlow, SciKit-learn, Keras, PyTorch, Numpy, Panda.
  • Experience with C++ using:
    • Tensorflow, OpenCV
    • Memory management, modern C++.
  • Knowledge of:
    • Object Oriented Design Patterns
    • Data Structures
    • Algorithms.
  • These skills will be critical in this role as you design and implement novel algorithms to solve unseen problems.
    • Experience with AI/search techniques and models including:
      • SVM
      • ANN (CNN, RNN, etc)
      • A* Search, Best First Search, DFS, BFS
      • K-d trees, and K nearest neighbors
      • Others not listed

Nice to have:

  • Masters in AI/ML
  • Experience with vegetative analysis
  • Experience with remote sensing data

Compensation & Benefits

  • A competitive salary is commensurate with an individual’s experience and skill

  • Healthcare and Dental Insurance

  • PTO: 15 days + 15 sick days + all federal holidays

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