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Specialist Solutions Architect III, AI/ML at Amazon Web Services

The world is getting smaller and moving faster. What helped companies become successful a decade ago does not work. Being agile, experimenting more and faster, pivoting, seizing market opportunities is now a matter of survival for startups and enterprises alike. AWS provides our customers with technology that unshackles them from traditional boxes & wires, offers them elastic and secure global infrastructure as well as higher-level services in all areas of technology, from DevOps and Containers to Connected Everything (IoT), to Mobile, to Gaming, to Data Lakes and Analytics (D&A), to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML). This scale and abundance of technology, coupled with flexible pay-as-you-go model frees our customers' mental and financial capacity to focus on innovation. As a result, millions of customers use AWS every day and in Korea we see companies ranging from Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Korean Air, KBS, Nexon, Woowa Brothers, all benefiting from the transformative power of AWS public cloud. If you want to be part of this transformation and have relevant skills, please come join our team and let's cloudify the world! Opportunity like this comes once in a generation - don't watch the history unfold from the sidelines - join us to to build the future together!

At Amazon, weve been investing deeply in artificial intelligence for over 20 years, and many of the capabilities customers experience are driven by machine learning. Amazon.coms recommendations engine is driven by machine learning, as are the paths that optimize robotic picking routes in our fulfillment centers. Our supply chain, forecasting, and capacity planning are also informed by ML algorithms. Alexa is fueled by Natural Language Understanding and Automated Speech Recognition deep learning; as is our drone initiative, Prime Air, and the computer vision technology in our new retail experience, Amazon Go. We have thousands of engineers at Amazon committed to machine learning and deep learning, and its a big part of our heritage. Within AWS, were focused on bringing that knowledge and capability to customers through three layers of the AI stack: Frameworks and Infrastructure with tools like Apache MXNet and TensorFlow, API-driven Services like Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly and Amazon Rekognition to quickly add intelligence to applications, and Machine Learning Platforms such as Amazon SageMaker, Amazon Machine Learning and Apache Spark ML on EMR for data scientists.

After joining our team, you will be provided with a ramp-up plan and a mentor to ensure you get off to a good start (see Roles & Responsibilities for more information). After that we will ask you to dive deeply into your customer's business and technology situations and help them identify which of their issues and goals can be best served by adopting AWS cloud. We will also ask you to enable the customers to be successful in their cloud adoption by answering their technical questions, removing technical blockers they encounter, delivering hands-on workshops, and providing architectural guidance. At AWS, Customer Obsession is in our DNA, so in order to be successful in this role, you will need to become a Trusted Advisor to our customers and to ensure that they are able to achieve their business objectives with the help of AWS cloud technology. Within first 12 months, you will have an opportunity to work with a variety of customers, present at the AWS Summits in Seoul and elsewhere in APAC, conduct internal training, and publish blogs and whitepapers. You will also have an opportunity to influence the direction of our products by providing actionable customer feedback to the service teams.

Today's customers are looking for strategic partners to help them thrive in rapidly changing business context. With everything going digital, our startup customers are looking to disrupt entire industries and our enterprise customers are looking to modernize as quickly as possible to avoid being disrupted. As a solutions architect, you will be given opportunities to influence customers' cloud journey right from the start. Depending on the team that you will end up joining, you will have an opportunity to work with one of the most well-known companies in Korea operating in industries such as finance, manufacturing, airline, telecommunication, and media & entertainment or one or more of the startups that are revolutionizing Korean economy. You will have a chance to influence architectural decisions to help customers adopt AWS cloud in a more reliable and secure way while at the same time helping the customers realize tangible business value from cloud adoption. You will help customers adopt AI/ML best practices to make them more agile and smart to market changes. If you believe you are the kind of person who gets excited by open-ended, highly ambiguous and complex problems and capable of solving them in novel ways, you will be given tremendous opportunities to help customers to innovate and succeed. As a Trusted Advisor, you will become a virtual extension of the customer's data scientist and analysts team and will see them transform and modernize as a result of your work.

You will be part of a great team of very supportive people who will help you be successful, but also expect a lot of you. This role is not for everyone - we are looking for people with Builder mentality who are self-driven, willing to take Ownership of things and see them through, able to Earn Trust of our customers and their colleagues by consistently delivering on their commitments. We are looking for visionaries who start by Diving Deep on the specific business objectives of a customer, imagine the future on their behalf, then Invent a way of getting there, and finally Deliver Results with and on behalf of the customer. And, above all, we are looking for people who share our Customer Obsession.
If you want to be part of a once in a lifetime transformation in the IT industry and achieve more than you may think you are capable of - this is a perfect place for you! Come join us in transforming Korea!

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Roles and Responsibility
This position is for someone who already has substantial technical and/or customer-facing skills and built some deep technical capabilities through their prior work experience. The requirements listed below are expected of a perfect candidate who can hit the ground running on Day 1. You are not required to meet all of them, but we would like you to meet most of them. After joining us, you will be provided with a ramp-up plan ranging from 2 to 3 months. During this time, you will have an opportunity to bridge any gaps between your current capabilities and our expectations.
· We expect you to independently and proactively identify what needs to be done, develop execution plans, and deliver on them.
· We expect you to tackle highly ambiguous customer requirements, go beyond the immediately stated needs and deeply understand their business as well as technical objectives, integrate both and come up with a recommendation that best fits all of these requirements. You will then need to present your solution to a diverse set of the customers, technical and business, helping them understand how your proposed solution helps them achieve their business objectives.
· We expect you to tackle poorly defined problems by diving deep, collecting relevant information, defining and scoping the problem, and then creating and delivering a solution.
· We expect you to be able to deeply understand AWS platform architectural best practices for complex multi-part large-scale systems. We expect you to know how these systems have been traditionally built and how they should be built in the cloud. Using this knowledge, we expect you to guide our customers on how to architect complex, large-scale multi-part systems in the cloud taking into account their business and technical requirements, such as time to market, compliance and regulatory constraints, global expansion plans, as well as security, performance, scalability, availability, operability, and cost.
· We expect you to bring to our organization unique technical capability at the highest levels of depth, be it specialized knowledge in a particular technical or industry domain, or other skill where you will become a go-to person within your larger organization
· When working with our customers, we expect you to be able to influence large, multi-level cross-functional organizations (business units) and their technical and business leaders by demonstrating strong architectural and business acumen
· When working with your colleagues at AWS, we expect you to influence across all functions (Solutions Architecture, Sales, Business Development, Marketing, etc.) within entire AWS Korea. We expect you to influence your fellow Solutions Architects that share your area of expertise across the APAC. And finally, we expect you to influence individual product managers of the AWS service teams.
· We expect you to independently develop and deliver public speaking in large-group settings, such as AWS Summit and re:Invent conferences or large industry conferences
· We expect you to independently develop and deliver internal training and knowledge sharing at large APAC-wide internal events with high CSAT scores
· We expect you to independently develop substantial body of reusable content in Korean and/or English, such as whitepapers, AWS Solutions, or series of related blog posts, podcasts, or videos
· We expect you to independently develop new reusable multi-part content that includes training content, hands-on labs, and demos and is packaged as a single unit of delivery. We then expect you to deliver this content to your own customers, and iterate on it until it reaches the level of quality when your colleagues across all of AWS Korea would want to use them with their customer
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by Tsutomu Narushima