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AI/ML engineers at albanero

Level: Junior-middle

Location: Hyderabad, India; Denver/SanJose, USA

What we are looking for:

3+ years relevant experience in the industry/academia in machine learning

Bachelors or Masters in Statistics/Mathematics

Python, Apache Spark/pyspark, SAS and R, matlab, C#, JAVA,

Strong working knowledge in Python, Pandas, Scikit-learn and other machine learning libraries

Collecting, Cleansing and Reshaping unstructured/raw datasets

Strong Understanding of ML concepts Probabilistic Models, Supervised and Unsupervised Learning, Neural Networks, Support Vector Machines

Solid understanding of mathematical underpinnings behind Machine Learning algorithms such as Probability, Statistics, Linear Algebra. Exposure to Optimization Techniques will be a big plus.

Solid engineering and coding skills. Ability to write high performance code

Participated in Kaggle competitions. Big Plus

Exposure to recent developments in Deep Learning domain

Exposure to libraries such as Tensorflow, keras, torch, caffe. (big plus)

What will the person do:

Design and develop AI/ML services on the platform

Design and Develop customer use cases and applications

Work with platform and functional team

Learn and grow on a daily basis

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