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at KPMG(IgnitionTOKYO)

Data Scientist/Engineer

| Job Description |

We are a team of passionate data science and data engineering experts with a combined experience of more than 25 years. We are diverse in our background and culture and we cater to a growing client base demanding cutting-edge analytics solution.

As Data Scientists and Engineers (being part of the AI/Data Team), we sit in the engine room of our digital transformation. Our mission is to build the analytic core of our data-driven products which help our clients to make better decisions, to enable our clients optimize their processes through AI. We deliver innovative and prescriptive analytics on top of unique data sets. At KPMG Ignition Tokyo, data science solutions do not just support sales or streamline processes - they are the product! A perfect playground for creative minds who have fun shaping things.

We develop our offerings with an agile mindset - business, tech and data science working hand in hand to create products that will make us the indispensable data and analytics partner for our clients. This is why we do not lock up our data scientists/engineers in the basement of our building but co-locate them in inspiring collaboration spaces that facilitate cross-functional work.

| Roles and Responsibilities |

We are not looking for somebody who covers all areas of the data science/engineering Venn diagram. Our projects are challenging - so it's quite likely you need to leave your comfort zone in order to deliver compelling solutions. We encourage creativity in thinking and flexibility to think out-of-the-box in solving business problems.

Your professional remit in detail includes the following tasks:

  • Ingest, process, manage data from external data sources with ETL frameworks

  • Design, develop and implement data science and machine learning models in proof-of-concepts and prototypes (e.g. notebooks, web-applications)

  • Present organized and structured business stories based on analytical results

  • Manage and coordinate documentation of data science projects and conduct necessary research work to come up with new solutions

  • Consult cross functional teams/clients on data related issues

  • Actively share Data Science knowledge within our Technology and Data network

5 days/ week

7 hours/ day



6 month or 8 month




KPMG Ignition Tokyo


| Required Experiences/Skills |

You differentiate yourself through sound analytical skills, an ability to grasp new concepts and technologies quickly and a high degree of independence. Using your initiative, you creatively find solutions to complex new problems. You also enjoy working as part of a team. You don't have to be perfect to work with us, but the more of the following requirements you can tick off, the better:

  • Degree in Computer Science/Statistics/Econometrics, or related field with a quantitative focus (Mathematics/Physics)

  • Relevant work or academic experience in quantitative data analysis/ data science or related areas.

  • Experience in and/or strong interest in AI in text analytics, image processing, design of neural networks

  • Modelling skills (simulation, optimization) and statistics knowledge is desired (machine learning, deep learning)

  • Skills in Python or R - with a focus on performance optimization and scalability (e.g., parallelization, containerization)

  • Knowledge of the constantly evolving Data Science ecosystem and its frameworks (e.g., Hadoop, Spark MLlib, H2O, Tensorflow, Torch, Theano)

  • Interested in working with relational and non-relational databases, including SQL

  • Basic knowledge of cloud computing environments and tooling (AWS, Azure)

  • Knowledge of a BI tool (e.g., PowerBI) would be a plus

  • Good professional communication skills

  • Mathematical thinking, strong analytical and problem-solving skills, self-motivated, organized team player

  • The ability to think beyond the numbers while addressing real-world business problems analytically by the numbers

  • Ability to translate and clearly communicate sophisticated analytical information to none-expert stakeholders and clients

| Language Skills |

  • Business or higher level of English communication skills.

(Equivalent to TOEIC 850/TOEFL iBT 80 or above.)

  • Japanese communication skills helpful but not necessary.

/ 1,500


() 100-0004 1-6-17 KPMG Ignition Tokyo



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