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DataOps Engineer (f/m/d) at Siemens AG

Modern enterprise
IT-environments are growing fast and change constantly on a fast pace. And with
that ever-increasing complexity vulnerabilities arise. The Vulnerability
Management team within the CyberSecurity department takes this every-day challenge.
And were looking for support:

  • You know how to analyze and structure high amounts of data coming from
    different and diverging sources? Thats a start.
  • You know how to transform and unify this data into understandable pieces?
  • You apply techniques to cluster data, highlight outliers, filter on the
    overall noise and even predict and trend current development? We would like to
    get to know you.

Were looking for a DataOps
Engineer who supports the team in the daily business of collecting, analyzing
and transforming vulnerability data to improve the effectiveness of the team.
Knowledge about IT-Systems and Environments is a plus. Knowledge and experience
in the CyberSecurity-field, especially with Vulnerability Testing and
Monitoring, is valuable.

What are my responsibilities?

  • You align with internal and external parties on interfaces and data-delivery and operate these accordingly
  • You analyze, transform and normalize information and data-streams for efficient processing and retrieval
  • You drive pragmatic approaches to solving key business problems through utilizing, Data Science, Machine Learning, predictive modeling, optimization, and other advanced techniques
  • You utilize novel methodologies from Machine Learning/AI to conceptualize and implement novel solutions for e.g. predictive maintenance, anomaly detection-, failure classification in a Vulnerability Scanning and Detection environment
  • You design, implement and deploy robust data-driven algorithms resulting in scalable data-driven service products
  • You constantly evolve current analysis and reporting methodology to maintain efficiency and effectiveness of the Vulnerability Management team
  • You support the Vulnerability Management Team and the CyberSecurity community with up-to-date and relevant reports
  • You are an active part of and contribute to the success of the Vulnerability Management Team

What do I need to qualify for this job?

  • University degree or similar qualification in the field of Computer Science, Computer Security or Scientific or Engineering Science. At two three years of experience of work in a related field
  • Sound background in Data Science, Machine Learning and Statistics
  • Experience to apply this knowledge in the field of real-life data for at least two years
  • Experience with one or more modern analytical frameworks, libraries and analytical development frameworks as well as solid programming skills, e.g. in Python, Ruby, Java, Scala combined with knowledge of scientific libraries
  • Analytical thinking and ability to act well-structured
  • Ability to communicate and work in an international team crossing multiple continents, time zones and cultures. Sound command of English, both in spoken and written form
  • Communicational skills of Data Analytics topics to non-specialists of that domain
  • Good understanding of IT-environments and IT-components
  • Experience in configuring and running the ELK-stack is preferable
  • Experience in the CyberSecurity-field, especially on Vulnerability Scanning and Remediation is a plus

Securing the Future Enterprise Today

Whether in the field of Industry, Smart Infrastructure or Energy: Digitalization is simplifying many facets of life. Therefore, we need to handle the associated risks caused through Cyber criminals.
Making an impact that matters!, thats the motto we live by. We at Siemens are continuously pushing the boundaries of sectors such as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud technologies. However, with such digital innovations come unpredictable security challenges and vulnerabilities, thus growing the risk of cyberattacks.
Were looking for forward-thinking, results-oriented game changers like you to join our team of experts. Together lets build ground breaking security solutions and infrastructures that protect our data and the digital assets of our customers. Help us seek tomorrows challenges today.
Join us! Together we can make our digital world more secure.
Weve got quite a lot to offer. How about you?
Do you want to know more about Cybersecurity at Siemens?
Curious about our Cybersecurity hubs? The Siemens Lisbon Tech Hub has more than 700 employees with the Corporate Technology Cybersecurity team, making it one of the largest in Europe - check it out:


Organization: Corporate Technology

Company: Siemens S.A.

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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