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Camera Software - Imaging and Computer Vision Research Engineer at Apple

The Computational Imaging team provides the innovative algorithms and image processing solutions for all of Apples awe-inspiring devices including: iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Combining ground breaking machine learning and computer vision techniques with next-generation hardware, our team takes the mobile photography experience to the next level.

If you are passionate about finding and solving new problems in computer vision and image processing, we have the job for you!

The Computational Imaging team is seeking extraordinary, driven, and innovative developers to work on special computer vision, machine learning and image processing solutions. Through crafting sophisticated imaging algorithms and forward-looking features on our team, you will contribute to existing and future iterations of Apple's products.

You will collaborate daily with our team of engineers to build a new and dynamic vision of how we approach new problems. You will contribute directly to solving those problems using creative and unique algorithms.

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