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Software Engineer/Programmer at Jignasa Techno Solutions Private Limited (Hyderabad, India)

recruitment's for java developer

Java Developers are the visionaries behind information solutions. They are responsible for designing and developing applications and system solutions that can affect an entire company. They frequently act as the support structure for business by recommending new solutions to improve user experience. Understanding the most appropriate tools, methodologies, and languages to use for a particular problem or solution an essential aspect of a Java developers day-to-day.


JavaServer pages (JSP) and servlets

Web frameworks (e.g., Struts and Spring)

Service-oriented architecture/web services (SOAP/REST)

Web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery

Markup languages like XML and JSON

Object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts and patterns

Abstract classes and interfaces


File IO and serialization

Collections: lists, maps, sets

Access specifiers

Exceptions (checked and unchecked)


Java keywords: static, final, volatile, synchronized, transient, this super, etc.

Java virtual machine (JVM) and memory management

Multithreading and synchronization

Dependency injection

Advanced Skills ( Plus Point ) :

AI and machine learning



Amazon Web Services

Hadoop/Big Data

Mobile technologies (Android or OS)

Advanced JavaScript framework (e.g., Angular, React, VueJS)

Spring Boot/microservices


Design, develop, implement, and maintain java application phases, code, and software.

Conduct software analysis, programming, testing, and debugging, as well as recommending changes to improve the established processes.

Transform requirements into stipulations and identify production and non-production application issues

Hiring -.Net ( Experienced & Freshers )

Company: Jignasa Techno Solutions Pvt Ltd

Qualification: B.Tech,B.SC(Computers),B.COM,M.COM. Other Related Graduates.

Location: Hyderabad

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Job Description :

We are looking for a .Net developer to build software using languages and technologies of the .NET framework. You will create applications from scratch, configure existing systems and provide user support.In this role, you should be able to write functional code with a sharp eye for spotting defects. You should be a team player and excellent communicator. If you are also passionate about the .NET framework and software design/architecture, wed like to meet you.Your goal will be to work with internal teams to design, develop and maintain software.


Strong knowledge of .NET web framework {{you may specify particular versions based on your requirements}}

Proficient in {{C# and/or VB.NET}}, with a good knowledge of their ecosystems

Familiarity with the Mono framework {{if needed}}

Strong understanding of object-oriented programming

Skill for writing reusable libraries

Familiar with various design and architectural patterns

Knowledge of concurrency patterns

Familiarity with Microsoft SQL Server {{if deemed necessary for the project needs}}

Experience with popular web application frameworks

Familiarity with Windows Presentation Framework {{if needed}}

Knack for writing clean, readable, and easily maintainable code

Understanding of fundamental design principles for building a scalable application

Experience creating database schemas that represent and support business processes

Basic understanding of Common Language Runtime (CLR), its limitations, weaknesses, and workarounds

Experience implementing automated testing platforms and unit tests

Proficient understanding of code versioning tools (such as Git, SVN, and Mercurial)

Make sure to mention any frameworks, libraries, or any other technology relevant to your project

List education level or certification you require

Responsibilites :

Write clean, scalable code using .NET programming languages

Remain up to date with the terminology, concepts and best practices for coding mobile apps

Develop technical interfaces, specifications, and architecture

Use and adapt existing web applications for apps

Create and test software prototypes

Develop client displays and user interfaces

Assist software personnel in handling project related work and other requirements

Coordinate with other software professionals and developers

Hiring -Data Science ( Experienced & Freshers )

Company: Jignasa Techno Solutions Pvt Ltd

Qualification: B.Tech,B.SC(Computers),B.COM,M.COM. Other Related Graduates.

Location: Hyderabad

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Job Description :

We are looking for a Data Scientist to analyze large amounts of raw information to find patterns that will help improve our company. We will rely on you to build data products to extract valuable business insights.In this role, you should be highly analytical with a knack for analysis, math and statistics. Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are essential for interpreting data. We also want to see a passion for machine-learning and research.Your goal will be to help our company analyze trends to make better decisions.

Skills :


At least one programming language R/ Python

Data Extraction, Transformation, and Loading

Data Wrangling and Data Exploration

Machine Learning Algorithms

Advanced Machine Learning (Deep Learning)

Big Data Processing Frameworks

Data Visualization

statistical/mathematical reasoning,

business communication/leadership, and


Responsibilites :

Identify valuable data sources and automate collection processes

Undertake preprocessing of structured and unstructured data

Analyze large amounts of information to discover trends and patterns

Build predictive models and machine-learning algorithms

Combine models through ensemble modeling

Present information using data visualization techniques

Propose solutions and strategies to business challenges

Collaborate with engineering and product development teams

Experience in data mining

Understanding of machine-learning and operations research

Knowledge of R, SQL and Python; familiarity with Scala, Java or C++ is an asset

Experience using business intelligence tools (e.g. Tableau) and data frameworks (e.g. Hadoop)

Analytical mind and business acumen

Strong math skills (e.g. statistics, algebra)

Problem-solving aptitude

Hiring -SAP - MM ( Experienced & Freshers )

Company: Jignasa Techno Solutions Pvt Ltd

Qualification: B.Tech,B.SC(Computers),B.COM,M.COM. Other Related Graduates.

Location: Hyderabad

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Job Description :

The SAP IT Analyst will manage the review, analyze, debug, and modify the design and function of the SAP business system.

In this position you will be responsible for configuring and maintaining new and existing functionality in SAP modulesMM

You will plan, organize, direct, and provide continuous improve in modules of SAP to all projects .

Activities include championing the use of common concepts, standards, procedures and best practices within SAP.

You must work well with end users to provide system support, while sharing knowledge and understanding.

Have the ability to gather business requirements and convert them into development design/programming specifications.

Be able to work independently while gathering requirements, performing functional testing, and customizing/configuration, creating documentation, and conducting end user training.

Diligently pursuing enhancements to ensure the system is being used properly and fully to meet the business needs.


Created a mapping document for data to be converted from legacy to SAP Material Master

Participate in SAP Material Master Design, Development and Testing in SAP ECC system.

Worked on conversion of local and imported parts to SAP Material Master Records.


Elicit requirements using interviews, document analysis, requirements workshops, surveys, site visits, business process descriptions, use cases, scenarios, business analysis, task and workflow analysis.

Critically evaluate information gathered from multiple sources, reconcile conflicts, decompose high-level information into details, abstract up from low-level information to a general understanding, and distinguish user requests from the underlying true needs.

Work independently with users to define concepts and under the direction of project managers.

Strong analytical and software management skills required, including a thorough understanding of how to interpret customer business needs and translate them into application and operational requirements.

Excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to interact professionally with a diverse group, executives, managers, and subject matter experts.

Serves as the conduit between the customer community (internal and external customers) and the software development team through which requirements flow.

Be the liaison between the business units, technology teams and support teams.

Take initiative to complete challenging assignments, participate in teams and foster their progress, and create opportunities for improvement in key business processes.

Drive and challenge business units on their assumptions of how they will successfully execute their plans.

Tests, documents, and conducts end user training regarding system enhancements to ensure the system is being used properly and that it is meeting business needs.

Prepares program specifications and diagrams, and develops coding logic.

Collaborate with developers and subject matter experts to establish the technical vision and analyze tradeoffs between usability and performance needs.

Prioritize among multiple assignments and indirect reporting responsibilities.

Ability to work in a fast paced environment and manage multiple projects at the same time.

Strong English language and written skills is a must.

Experience with SAP MMmodules, knowledge of other modules would be beneficial.

Experience with multiple full cycle SAP implementations, supporting the configuration of SAP modules is a must.

Experience and logistics process knowledge with the requirements for US GAAP and India GST.

Clear ability to discuss and demonstrated the design, configuration, and testing of SAP functionality to include, but not limited to: Testing Unit, String, Integration; Customizations; Enhancements; Upgrades; Interfaces; Idocs; Data migration; SAP Inventory; Labeling; Purchase Orders; Scheduling Agreements; Intercompany Stock Transport Order; Price Conditions; Warranties; Returns Management; Free Goods Processing; Invoicing Processing; RF transaction; Vendor Consignment; Quality Inspection; Complex Stock Determination.

Experience and configuration knowledge with SAP Fiori, RF and ITS Mobile.

Industry specific experience with SAP Automotive Tier 1 Supplier solution is a plus.

Experience with ECC and S/ 4HANA implementations and usage would be a plus.

ABAP programming knowledge or experience would be a plus.

Experience with Qlik dashboards would be a plus

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