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() at Astellas (Tsukuba, Japan)


[Background of recruitment]

In recent drug discovery research, various types of enormous data are being generated every day due to advances in science and technology. Along with this, data scientists are required to play an active role in drug discovery research. Astellas Pharma is no exception, and there is an increasing need for data-driven drug discovery methods that use machine learning and artificial intelligence, including conventional chemoinformatics and in silico drug discovery. In addition to analysis work, active planning and proposals to accelerate drug discovery research are also required. We are looking for highly specialized personnel who have knowledge and experience in data mining, machine learning, and artificial intelligence related to chemoinformatics, in silico drug discovery or drug discovery research, and who are rich in challenging spirit.

[Details of duties]

Belonging to the Advanced Informatics & Analytics Office, you will be in charge of the following tasks. In addition, you will work in collaboration with domestic and overseas researchers.

Formulation and execution of machine learning and artificial intelligence utilization strategies necessary for small and medium molecule drug discovery research

Development of machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms necessary for small and medium molecule drug discovery research

Development of new data mining and chemoinformatics technology to improve the productivity of drug discovery research

Proposals to analysis clients for analysis policies and experimental designs

Appropriate consideration of analysis results and accurate explanation to analysis requesters


Those who have experience in data mining, machine learning / artificial intelligence research, new methods and algorithm development related to chemoinformatics, in silico drug discovery, or drug discovery research (approximate: 5 years or more)

Experience in compound design or activity / ADME / Tox prediction by machine learning

Those who have basic knowledge of organic chemistry, pharmacy, and drug design

Those who can program and data mining with R, Python, SQL, etc.

Those who have communication skills and can collaborate through dialogue with experts in various fields

Those who can take the initiative in planning projects Proposing and promoting

Those who have the level of English required to carry out their work (TOEIC score of 730 points or higher or equivalent)

Those who can start working after April 1, 2020

[Work start date] Negotiable

[Contract period] No fixed period

[Trial period] No trial period in principle


(1) Basic salary: Determined in consideration of the person's background, skills, skills, etc.

(2) Discretionary labor system: 50,000 to 100,000 yen will be paid as a discretionary labor allowance depending on the job grade.

In the case of flextime system: Overtime allowance is paid for hours that exceed the monthly prescribed working hours.

[Pay increase] Once a year

[Bonus] Twice a year (July, December)

[Various allowances] Discretionary labor allowance, housing allowance, commuting allowance, etc.

Working hours

8: 45-17: 45 (Monday-Thursday), 8: 45-16: 00 (Friday), flextime system or discretionary labor system

[Holidays] Full weekly two-day system, public holidays, May 1, summer, year-end and New Year holidays

[Vacation] Annual paid leave, childcare leave system, nursing care leave system, etc.

[Welfare] Employment insurance, workers' accident compensation insurance, welfare pension, health insurance, mutual aid association system, company housing system, shareholding association system, property accumulation savings system, etc.

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