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Experienced AI Engineer at Scoville (Shibuya City, Japan)

Job Summary

We are hiring an experienced AI engineer to improve our AI products. We focus on developing new products in the fields of Image processing and we are looking to expand our AI team to help us bring these new products to market.

Our business originated in the field of human resources and we have created various web services for that sector.

Now we're rapidly growing and creating new businesses in several industries, so we're looking for engineers who can help us accelerate creation of new products together.

Basic Qualifications

  • English language proficiency 

    • Comfortable working in an English language environment (rest of the AI Team converse in EN). No Japanese required

  • Hold a degree in Computer Science or equivalent

  • 5+ years commercial experience

  • 5+ years recent commercial programming with an emphasis towards AI related projects

  • Familiar with technologies such as deep learning, machine learning, Opencv, big data, data science, statistical analysis

  • Extensive experience with either tensorflow, pytorch or caffe

  • Hands-on developer

  • Image Processing

  • Computer Vision

  • Experience training & deploying machine learning models in Production

  • Able to adapt when constrained or restricted by hardware options


  • experience with inference optimisation frameworks such as TensorRT, OpenVino or TFLite

  • experience developing with “edge” devices (cheaper devices)

  • experience working with near real-time AI

  • Japanese language proficiency 


  • Day to day activities could include:

    • Deliver AI solutions day to day

    • It’s a hands-on programming role with the experience to advise on technology adoption, and selection of pre-built models

    • It’s not a project management role

    • Influence and guide the direction of the AI solutions based on your past experiences, and ramp up the rest of the AI Team’s knowledge

    • Take on interesting AI challenges in the areas of tracking, image processing, facial recognition, pose estimation, and object detection

Team Culture

  • Everyone is valuable in the company.

  • Big ideal: We have the goal of becoming a truly global company: currently the entire engineering department uses English as the official language, with the goal being for English to become the company language in future.

  • Flat and Open: No out-dated seniority system, a title is just a role, what is said is important, not who says what.

  • Innovation: Thinking outside of the box, many opportunities to learn/try fast.

  • Flexibility: Work hours are flexible, and remote work is allowed so long as it doesn't detrimentally affect your teammates.

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