Computer Vision / Gaze Tracking Algorithms Engineer at Apple (Berlin, Germany)

The computer vision algorithm engineer will work in a dynamic team as part of the Video Computer Vision org which develops on-device computer vision and machine perception technologies across Apples products. We balance research and product to deliver the highest quality, state-of-the-art experiences, innovating through the full stack, and partnering with multi-functional teams to influence what brings our vision to life and into customers hands.

We work on complex problems in computer vision that require robust, efficient, well tested, and clean solutions. The ideal candidate will possess the self-motivation, curiosity, and initiative to achieve those goals. Analogously, the candidate is a lifelong learner who passionately seeks to improve themselves and the quality of their work.

You will work together with similar minds in a unique development team where your skills and expertise can be used to influence future user experiences and hardware that will be used by millions.

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