AI/ML - Voice Interaction R&D Engineer, Siri Understanding at Apple (Seattle, WA)

You will help create groundbreaking technology for large scale systems, spoken language, big data, and artificial intelligence. And work with the people who created the always-on always learning best in class intelligent voice assistant that helps millions of people get things done just by saying "Hey Siri". Join the Siri Speech team at Apple.

The Siri team is looking for a Voice Interaction R&D Engineer to pioneer new ways for users to interact with Siri. You will apply your machine learning skills in diverse computational settings and on a wide range of Apple products. You will collaborate with the Hardware, DSP, ASR, NLU and other teams to solve some of the hardest problems faced by conversational systems and improve the state of intelligent assistants. You will team up with researchers and engineers with a highly diverse skill set, and you will get immense opportunity for collaboration, mutual learning, innovation and exploration.

You will be a part of a team that is responsible for a variety of user-interaction related research and development activities including wake-up word detection, speaker recognition, end-of-turn detection, conversational turn-taking, sensor fusion, and related tools and infrastructure. Our team leverages supervised and unsupervised learning to build scalable technologies that work seamlessly and flawlessly across Apple devices. As part of Siri Understanding, we work very closely with other teams within and outside Siri to help our users interact with Siri in convenient and intuitive ways.

You should be passionate about building extraordinary products that are used by millions of people. Attitude and willingness to work hands-on in data collection, experimentation, applying state-of-the-art algorithms, and building and testing tools, is a must. You will be working closely with engineers and scientists from a number of other teams at Apple, and are encouraged to thrive in a highly collaborative environment with rapidly changing priorities. You are excited about applying your technical skills and background in novel and imaginative ways, and be willing to target moonshots!

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