AI/ML - Language Engineer (India), Siri Understanding at Apple (Hyderabad, India)

Join the team in India that engineers Siri and cloud based services for international markets. Our team is primarily responsible for making Siri the best worldwide digital assistant. Teaching Siri how to understand and speak new languages is the main goal of our team, together with designing and implementing a highly locally customized experience for our users. We are a deeply diverse and hardworking group dedicated to bringing the future of intelligent assistants to the world. We are looking for a highly motivated engineer, with strong software engineering skills and high sensibility for foreign languages and cultures.

We are looking for proven track record to be creative, take ownership of a project, an outstanding technical expertise, and a knack for solving problems that stump most engineers. Having worked on shipping products and being familiar with the rush to the finish line is highly desired. This is an opportunity to durably craft the future of human - computer interaction, and walk the state-of-the-art of an up-and-coming field. Specific responsibilities will include:

- Engineering Natural Language Processing and Speech components specific to your language.
- Using the power of large amount of data to tackle sophisticated NLP and machine learning problems.
- Leading data annotation efforts and define language specific representations, conventions and techniques.
- Analyzing data and making data driven decisions to improve the localized user experience.
- Automating, scripting and integrating workflow from diverse systems.
- Providing insights and suggestions towards innovative new approaches and new product features tailored to your home market.
- Developing creative solutions to sophisticated issues.
- Interacting with other teams at Apple working towards the same goal; from Speech Recognition Specialists, Data Scientists and Speech Synthesis engineers.

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