ISE, Input Experience - NLP Data & Machine Learning Engineer at Apple (Cupertino, CA)

With hundreds of millions of users and billions of messages typed every day, Apples software keyboard is among the most frequently used software on the planet. At Apple, you have an opportunity to shape the user experience for digital communication by building, evaluating and deploying machine learning models at scale to power text input.
The Input Experience NLP team builds the intelligent typing engine and language models behind features like autocorrection, predictive typing, spellchecking and handwriting recognition. Our vision is that anyone can pick up an Apple device and easily compose a message in the language of their choice and method of their choosing. We are looking for a creative, passionate and experienced data and machine learning engineer who is excited about our product and values, to architect the process by which we deliver high quality, inclusive text input experiences for all of our customers and languages.

You will be responsible for the design and development of the data pipelines, data preparation, automation, visualization and tools that constitute the end-to-end process for building models, from raw data to trained model to evaluation to deployment. You'll partner with data infrastructure and data producing teams to ensure that we have high quality, representative data. You'll work with ML engineers and computational linguists to refine the data preparation and modeling process, enabling faster iteration, better modeling decisions and more rapid model deployment. You'll collaborate with data scientists and analysts to build insights from customer analytics and feedback into the process to complete the cycle of continuous improvement. Your work will impact hundreds of millions of Apple's customers and help people communicate more easily in the languages and modalities of their choice.

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