Electrical Engineer at MITRE (McLean, VA)

MITRE’s National Security New Professionals Accelerator Program is seeking highly motivated, early career candidates passionate about solving problems for a safer world. This program will provide unique work opportunities, onboarding, and mentoring to build your skills as a future leader. You will accelerate your career while preparing for impactful, rewarding work at MITRE. Successful candidates will gain exposure and experience in topics of common interest to the entire national security community. Our goal is to prepare you to thrive in a technically rooted, mission-focused career at MITRE – one where the unique background, skill set, and experience you bring inspires creative and innovative solutions.

You will interact with a diverse group of program peers, MITRE national security leaders, and staff solving real-world problems. Over the course of this structured six-month program, you will hone your skills and develop strong professional networks in the national security sector and across our Innovation Centers, helping solve critical national challenges. Before transitioning to MITRE’s permanent national security or technical staff, you will benefit from the following program pillars:

  • An intensive, experiential onboarding program

  • Focused mentoring with MITRE national security leaders and experts in your field

  • An in-depth rotational work program

Job Responsibilities:

Working alongside MITRE mission specialists and engineers, you will be supporting national security sponsors while helping to design, develop, and implement solutions and technologies to address the electrical engineering challenges of our government sponsors. You will learn about MITRE sponsor missions and apply your technical knowledge and skills to problem-solving and innovation. At the culmination of the New Professional Program, you will become part of MITRE’s National Security team focused on sponsor missions with a strong technical background enabling you to be a future leader in the company.

From wireless communications to satellite navigation, you will learn to apply electrical engineering expertise, innovative concepts, and technology solutions to address every facet of our sponsor’s electrical engineering challenges to include:

  • Antennas/Electromagnetics/Nuclear Effects

  • ASIC Design

  • Communications Network Engineering

  • Computational Imaging

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Electronic Warfare

  • Electronics Engineering

  • Embedded Security

  • Embedded Software Engineering

  • Energy Systems

  • FPGA Engineering

  • Photonics

  • Position Navigation and Timing

  • Reliability

  • RF Systems Engineering

  • Sensors

  • Signal Processing

What are some examples of the projects that I might work on?

  • Software defined radios to implement wireless communication protocols and perform signal analysis using statistics and machine learning

  • Design and verification of real-time signal processing modules for a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) implementation of next generation military GPS receivers

  • Evaluating impacts of spectrum co-use between government assets and commercial LTE signals

  • Error correction coding techniques for physically unclonable functions (PUFs) in the presence of attackers with physical access

  • C++ code to interact with custom hardware peripherals and provide status and control interfaces to higher-level software on a complex prototype

  • Simulation tools to predict the navigation performance of satellites or other space vehicles

What does an ideal MITRE New Professional Electrical Engineering / Computer Engineering candidate look like?

  • Hands-on experience gained from previous work experience or relevant intern/co-op work

  • Interest and breadth in several sub-disciplines within EE/ECE, including information and coding theory, digital signal processing, wireless communications, computer architecture, embedded software, embedded security, cryptography, analog design, RF/EM, sensors and antennas, photonics, power systems, and software architecture and design

  • Evidence of being a life-long learner, with a passion for the field

  • High-level desire to help our nation solve critical challenges

Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering, software engineering, computer science, computer engineering, or related field and 2 years of relevant experience

  • Experience with RF equipment

  • Knowledge of one or more of the following: basic RF circuit design and troubleshooting, software defined radios, digital signal processing, electromagnetic propagation, or types of RF and Microwave antennas

  • Demonstrated ability and desire to quickly learn and apply new technologies

  • Ability to work both independently and collaboratively with colleagues

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

Preferred Qualifications:

  • 1-3 years of experience in electrical engineering principles, tools, and devices

  • Experience working projects related to national security for one or more government agencies

  • Interdisciplinary background, with evidence of continual learning

  • Electrical Engineering: DSP, wireless communications, sensor fusion, machine vision

  • Knowledge of RF theory and concepts

  • Experience with modeling/simulation design in MATLAB or a similar tool

  • Advanced coursework or job experience with digital signal processing

  • Experience with GNU Radio

  • Experience with Python, C, C++, C# or CUDA

  • Knowledge of machine learning

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