AI/ML - Senior Applied Machine Learning Researcher, Machine Intelligence Sensing Team at Apple (Seattle, WA)

On the *Machine Intelligence Sensing Team*, we envision a future where our devices are aware of us and our environment, they support our health and well-being, and they encourage us to be more thoughtful, present, and inspired human beings. We believe we can enrich people's lives and the world by understanding our activities, our health, our connections, and our lived environments through sensing and machine learning on our devices. Our team works across Apple to create innovative high-impact features and thoughtful interaction modes on Apple's phones, wearables, home products, and future devices. We prototype new experiences, develop and ship products, and we publish our work. We are a creative, multi-disciplinary, optimistic, and collaborative team.
We are looking for an experienced applied machine learning researcher who is passionate about developing innovative product features that push the boundaries of sensing, machine learning, and human-computer interaction. In this role, you will work with time-series data from multiple sensors, build data and machine learning pipelines, help integrate models on-device to power new experiences, and work with your team to iterate on the end user experience.
Come join us and build the future.

The team you will join is responsible for creating product features for Apples wearables, home products, and future devices. We are highly collaborative and partner with a variety of product teams across Apple including Watch, Siri, Accessibility, Home, Health, Audio Products, and others and have shipped features like AssistiveTouch, Handwashing, and Raise to Speak on the Apple Watch.

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