Senior Software Engineer - Data Pipelines (Maps) at Apple (Cupertino, CA)

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The Maps Data Pipelines team builds heavy-duty data processing pipelines for Basemap data. We perform complex geometric operations and algorithmic transformations on global datasets, ranging from roads to addresses to land cover, and much more. Our challenge is to build a unified representation of the world by conflating all this diverse data. The map data we build drives Maps experiences across all Apples devices and services ecosystem. All our engineering has to be built for scale.

In this role, you will be responsible for architecture of the complex ecosystem of data pipelines. You will prototype and guide choices around algorithms and infrastructure, with a focus on reducing latency without compromising quality. You will use a wide range of technologies including Spark, Cassandra, Solr, Redis and various geospatial processing libraries.

- Prototype and design systems and data pipelines for Basemap data.

- Identify appropriate infrastructure and computing paradigms (incremental, bulk, streaming) for various use cases.

- Optimize existing algorithms and architecture for scale and data delivery latency. Evolve current systems to reduce end to end latency by 10x-100x.

- Collaborate with senior technical leaders of partner teams to create joint technical initiatives.

- Build and evangelize multi-quarter engineering roadmaps with Maps senior management.

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