Senior Data Scientist at Apple (Cupertino, CA)

The Video Computer Vision organization is working on exciting technologies for future Apple products. Our focus is on ML based solution around real time image and video. We have contributed to the FaceID and FaceKit project in the past and more recently the new LIDAR iPad sensor. As part of Spatial Perception Team (SPT) we focus on people and scene understanding. We are developing 2D and 3D deep learning technologies that will help bring the 3D world into your devices utilizing our powerful LiDAR along with other sensors.
In this role, you will develop new technologies in the area of scene understanding and reasoning for Apples next generation products. The focus will be analyzing performances of complex 3D computer vision systems on real world applications, building end-to-end pipeline and metrics for fast model evaluation, and understanding data / model biases.

Are you passionate about building AI/ML products with focus on Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) applications? Are you passionate about solving hard problems? Video Computer Vision org at Apple is looking for Senior Data Scientist to join the team of highly accomplished and deeply technical scientist. You will design and implement new machine learning algorithms while collaborating with the most innovative product development teams at Apple. We provide the right balance between research and product to deliver Apple quality state of the art experiences on various apple devices.

You will have the opportunity to touch the life of millions of people through amazing products. Our team researches new machine learning algorithm and techniques and has a track record of shipping some of the most impactful CVML products ever shipped by Apple. Examples include FaceID, Animoji/Memoji, Scene Understanding, People Understanding and Positional Tracking (VIO/SLAM). We want new results-oriented team members to join our research ML group. In this role, we create new models and algorithms, and actively engage with the academic community.

You will also have the opportunity to give to impactful projects at Apple, and use your machine learning and computer vision skills to transfer your ideas into solutions for some of the most complicated technical problems in the next generation of products that will delight millions of people.

Your key responsibilities will be but not limited to:

Analyzing performances of complex 3D computer vision systems in real-world applications
Developing end-to-end pipeline and metrics for fast system evaluation
Understanding data and model biases
Designing data collection protocols
Collaborating with multiple algorithm teams to understand and analyze algorithm issues

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