Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Behavior Understanding and Extensibility at Apple (Cupertino, CA)

Proactive Intelligence is at the heart of an intelligent system experience that understands you and anticipates your needs. Our on-device intelligence powers features throughout Apples operating systems, including Smart Stacks, Siri Suggestions, Share Sheet suggestions, and more.
We are building an on-device personal and contextual intelligence platform that optimizes system spaces, first-party apps, and system services to benefit the millions of people who use Apple devices every day. Were seeking your expertise to apply state-of-the-art, privacy-preserving, machine learning to solve problems like predicting what app you will launch next, understanding whether you are working or relaxing, and inferring facts about you that can be used for greater personalization throughout the system.

Youll join a phenomenal team of hardworking engineers and researchers on the Behavior Understanding and Extensibility Team. We work to develop predictive models of user behavior, and to make predictions available throughout the system. Were looking for a Machine Learning Engineer who can solve novel problems in areas including personalization, recommendation, and prediction to build and optimize features used by millions of people worldwide. You will bring your expertise and passion for solving exciting, real-world problems into our growing team that operates like a startup within Apple, and youll play a key role in defining our teams machine learning approach.

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