Data Scientist - AI/ML Retail Engineering at Apple (Austin, TX)

Do you enjoy making sense of large quantities of data and unlocking answers to questions long since asked? We are looking for someone who thrives withKey qualifications
Ability to develop sophisticated econometric models that help understand efficiency and returns on future investment decisions
Good judgment balancing art and science when visually communicating information (e.g. jupyter, ggplot, matplotlib, plotly/bokeh)
Experience engineering information from extensive, sophisticated datasets (e.g. Spark, MongoDB).
Proven track record of integrating data science pipelines/models into Python APIs
Experience using data science in computer vision & time series datasets/modeling
Experience designing pipelines to automate hyperparameter search/model-selection routines collaboration and wants to push the boundaries of what is possible today
Join our team of driven, dedicated machine learning and software engineers in the Retail Apps Engineering team in Austin. We build software and hardware solutions that power the worldwide fleet of Apple Retail locations. As a member of the group, you will craft data pipelines and platforms for exciting new technologies that drive top-level customer and employee experiences in our stores.

Demonstrate your experience in order to help us deliver a one-of-a-kind product within Apple. You will work on a small, highly focused team which is developing an innovative, Privacy-conscious computer vision and machine learning system for Apple Retail worldwide. You will collaborate cross-functionally with various fields including our AI/ML data scientists and engineers to build software solutions for Apple groundbreaking retail experience.

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